Operation ditch the plastic: Bee's Wrap giveaway

As operation ditch the plastic continues to play out in our house, I’ve been dismayed by how cling wrap remained a pesky mainstay. It’s not so much the potential for plasticizers leaching into foods (if purchasing brands that don’t specifically state which chemicals they do and don’t use), but my issue lies in the responsibility I feel to not dump copious amounts of plastic into the trash.

When friends over at MightyNest posted about Bee’s Wrap, a reusable food storage wrap that cinches thanks to beeswax-coated cotton and a little ol’ fashioned body heat, I was immediately intrigued. MightyNest sent me some of this magic wrap to try out and also offered up three sets of Bee’s Wrap to HGGH blog readers.

The set comes with three pieces of wrapping, 7”x8”, 10”x11”, and 13”x14”. To use the wrap, shape it around the object and use the heat from your hands to activate the beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin (all ingredients besides organic cotton). When heat source is removed the wrap cools and hardens in the pressed shape.

I love the way the wrap smells, like candles and honey. I also love how the wrap clings to things that even cling wrap eludes. Dry ingredients for three Thanksgiving GF piecrusts awaited my attention, stacked neatly in their metal mixing bowls and the Bee’s Wrap adhered beautifully.

And the finished sweet potato pie rested in the refrigerator wrapped neatly on Thanksgiving eve. (Oh hey, PieBox!)

To reuse, just wash the wrap with cold water and dishsoap and allow to dry. I store my Bee’s Wrap in a wide-mouth quart mason jar to keep it clean between uses. This would make a lovely stocking stuffer, new-parent or out-of-the-blue gift for anyone into loosening their grip on plastic in the kitchen.

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Disclosures: Mighty Nest provided me with a complimentary set of Bee’s Wrap. They will be shipping the winners’ sets of Bee’s Wrap directly. Opinions and support for this product and company are my own. MightyNest is not a paid advertiser on this site.