Say it with pie - Piebox & Mighty Nest Giveaway

I’m known for carrying pies around town in creative and/or interesting methods. I like to bake them and I love bringing them places and I really love giving them as gifts.

Too bad I didn’t have one of these cool Pieboxes when I brought Audra (preserving genius over at Doris & Jilly Cook blog) and her hubs Andrew a gluten-free blueberry pie. I lived in Brooklyn, they in Philly. I used my old pie-in-the-canning-rack move; that was interesting. Two subways, a half-zillion stairs, one bumpy bus ride and a trolley ride later, I had blueberry pie filling on my shorts, but remained for the most part unscathed by my cross-state pie transit endeavor.

I love the story behind how Piebox came to be almost as much as I love the box itself. I’ve never had to worry about throw-away waste when transporting my pies (just subway jumbles and other transit snags), but if I were a pastry chef like the the co-creator of Piebox, I’d have set to work to figure out how to cut out the waste loop in pie transport. She employed her handy beau and together they came up with this.

Here’s the official info, from their site: PieBox™ is a reusable raw pine box designed to safely transport pie. Whether you’re driving, biking, busing or even just walking, PieBox will keep your pie safe and intact wherever you go.

Every PieBox is handcrafted in Chicago and made from chemical-free, raw pine. PieBox measures 11”x11”x4” and accommodates up to a 9” deep-dish pie.

(I will add that if using the included 9.5” pie plate, you’ll need to make sure your crust doesn’t extend beyond the edges of the plate because the box encases the pie plate snugly and will chip off any fancy overage you might have. This is so that the pie doesn’t slide around in there, I’m assuming.)

There are also a couple of totally reusable pie accoutrements in this kit; a maple wood pie server tool and an Anchor-brand, 9.5” pie plate. You get the chance to win the whole set by entering via the form below!

Giving someone a homemade pie is one of the dearest gifts one can make. Recipients who don’t bake get to eat amazing pie that knocks store bought out of the park; recipients who do bake know exactly how much work went into that pretty pie and are doubly grateful.

When I was chatting with Annie over at Mighty Nest, she discussed how cool it would be to circulate a Piebox in a Pie-it-Forward kind of way. What a cool idea to send a pie-telegram (in person, of course) using a library-check-out-form scenario on the inside lid of the box to track the pie-love progress, each recipient receiving a pie out of the blue turns around and makes a pie for someone else and keeps the cycle going. Names of happy pie recipients add up on the box’s sheet. It might be hard to gauge which of your friends will actually bake a pie and keep the box going around, but receiving the box might just spur those who’d like to give it a try into action. So, grab your fave pie book and get to brainstorming whose week you’ll make. I’d love to hear about it if you end up trying this idea out! 

Marisa over at Food in Jars is also offering up another set of chances to win this kit, plus (big plus!) she’s also sending her winner a jar of her homemade pie filling! Get on over there and enter, too.

I haven’t been a big canner of pie fillings this year (we’re on a sweet preserves hiatus until we eat down the pantry’s existing stash of sweet jars…) But, because we want you to make a pie and bring it over to someone’s house, I’m going to do the work of assembling the flours and dry ingredients for my gluten-free crust recipe and will send it directly to the lucky winner of the Piebox set here on my site.

So, to recap: Use the Rafflecopter form below for a bunch of chances to win a Piebox and complete pie serving kit from Mighty Nest, plus I’ll send the winner a pretty Weck jar full of the dry ingredients for my gluten-free pie crust.

Enter by Sunday, July 28 at 11am CST:

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Disclosures: Mighty Nest provided me with a complimentary Piebox and pie serving set and Weck jars. They will be mailing the winner’s piebox set and covering the cost of me shipping gluten-free crust ingredients to you. Opinions and support for this product are my own.