Greetings from Michigan

I’m wrapping up a quick weekend trip in Marshall, MI and wanted to share one of the highlights.

We’re here to spend time with Gram, aka Bertha Burnum (spelling fixed!) from the book. She’s living back in her hometown to be closer to family and friends. For those of you who haven’t read about ‘Bertha’ yet, she is notorious in our family for her hockey-puck-like, black-bottomed dinner rolls. We’ve had a lot of mileage out of Gram’s kitchen shortcomings.

I finally got to see the magnificent quilt my mom’s cousin made for Gram; Pat is a quilting pro.

The array of images around ‘Bertha’ are shots of her parents and 7 other sibilings. This shot lives in the upper right-hand corner and shows Gram and Grandpa ‘Whitey’ (we’re all about nicknames in our family) on her wedding day.

Pat, who is Gram’s niece, also made this, which sits on Gram’s bed. I adore the tea set!

Hope you had a nice weekend, too!