Green cleaning DIY: The Organically Clean Home book giveaway

Happy Earth Day friends. I’m excited to up the ante on your green cleaning makeover potential and offer up a copy of Becky Rapinchuk’s new book

I’m always a bit wary of DIY cleaning ‘recipes’ because if they’re too involved, no one will make them (myself included). I don’t particularly love cleaning in the first place, much less having to craft some sort of elaborate cleaning product from the bottles, bags, and boxes of household items under my kitchen sink, or, heaven forbid, go to some crazy store that sells obscure cleaning supply ingredients. 

Green cleaning can actually be convenient when you keep things really simple. If vinegar and water or castille soap doesn’t work, then I typically resort to baking soda or its heavier-hitting friend washing soda, or hydrogen peroxide based on the issue at hand.

When I opened Becky’s book I realized that her ‘recipes’ for cleaning are simple enough to fit my style (or my desired level of involvement pre-cleaning) and I thought it may fit your lives too. I like her style and think she’s right on track with telling people how to effectively clean and safely disinfect without all the gross chemicals. Case in point, a super-simple and 100%-effective way to disinfect kitchen surfaces safely:

I love using peroxide in lots of areas because it’s inexpensive and works to remove all sorts of pesky stuff, from blood to mold and mildew. (Thanks again MightyNest for the new bottles, the spray top from one of which fit this bottle snugly to use as a temporary sprayer.

I love laundry, which you might’ve noticed when reading my first book, but I’ve yet to explore the wild world of homemade laundry detergent. I’m thinking that this book may be the kick in the pants to assemble all the things I already have on hand into something we use all the time. I’ll definitely be trying out this recipe for homemade oxygen bleach paste, which is essentially the same as the store bought version I use often.

These two ingredients are already sitting on my laundry shelf, just begging to be combined!

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