FARMcurious Fermenting Set with ReCAP giveaway

A new ferment’y friend in the bay area reached out to see if you all might be interested in trying out a brand new fermenting kit she created in conjunction with ReCAP. Nicole over at FARMcurious has a great project going on right now over on Kickstarter, a kit that will help bring fermentation to the masses by solving or eliminating many of the issues and concerns I’ve heard over the past few years of teaching fermentation workshops. 

Ferment just about anything with this easy-to-use fermentation set by FARMcurious. Keep the good bacteria in and the mold out!

The lid fits onto any wide mouth Mason jar allowing you to make various sizes of ferments. The airlock system allows carbon dioxide produced during fermentation to escape but it doesn’t let air from the environment in. This reduces the likeliness of mold, which is the number one turnoff for most people just beginning their fermentation journey. The cap also reduces that funky fermenting scent. The lid is also reusable as a fine resealable lid for any widemouth jar when not fermenting with the kit.

photo courtesy of FARMcurious

While I think fermenting in super-small batches with whatever vessels you happen to have on hand is fairly easy (see here and here), I appreciate how this kit opens doors for people who want less fuss and more fermented goodness! Some of the other things this kit facilitates are:

  • Experimentation and exploration of more varieties of fermented yumminess

  • Reducing off-putting funky fermenting smells

As a fun incentive for supporting her project I’m donating revenue on these pickle towels and they’re included at various levels within her campaign. Check it out here, where you can see all the different levels for contribution. Also hop on over to Punk Domestics for another chance to win this flash giveaway!

Also, when I’m in the bay area in June for my book tour, I’ll be hosting a fermentation demo, book signing, and fermented taste swap hosted by FARMcurious, sign up or share here!

Enter to win a prototype of this kit (the final kits will be developed officially with the kickstarter funds) today only by using the rafflecopter widget below, US residents only please.

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About FARMcurious:

FARMcurious is an organization created to educate, inspire and equip urban homesteaders with an interest in producing their own food, preserving the harvest, reducing their environmental impact and eating seasonally and sustainably. Read more here.

Disclosures: Nicole sent me two prototype kits free of charge, one of which I’ll personally mail to the winner. She is purchasing my ‘yeah, I pickled that’ towels at cost, so there are no monetary incentives for me within this kickstarter campaign.