Support the Pickle Pipe project from MasonTops

I’m really excited about this great new fermenting tool from MasonTops! They’ve launched a Kickstarter today to help them bring this cool tool to life. I hope you’ll join me in supporting them!

The Pickle Pipe is the only one-piece, silicone, self-sealing, and waterless airlock on the market designed specifically for wide-mouth mason jar fermentation. My experience with the pickle pipe includes a fantastically easy batch of kimchi that didn’t end up oozing all over the place like many of my full jars tend to do. I love the vacuum created by the push from the carbon dioxide released during fermentation to get headspace oxygen out of the jar. It was fun to hear the little puffs of air released from the pickle pipe too. I think this would be a great project for kids to supervise. Check out all the small-batch ferments recipes on my site here.

Support the Pickle Pipe on Kickstarter here!

Disclosures: MasonTops is a paid advertiser featured on this site and they provided me with a Pickle Pipe prototype at no charge for product development and review purposes. My opinions on the product remain my own.