Hip in 2009: a recap

It’s the last day of 2009. You survived yet another holiday season; congratulations. You get to make out with someone tonight (whom you may or may not already know.)

Everyone loves a recap. Here are my fave accomplishments of the year:

1. I learned to bake gluten-full and gluten-free breads from scratch.

Basic gluten-full yeast bread, mostly whole wheat.

Gluten free bread that looks and tastes like a regular multi-grain!2. I made jam and jelly for the first time. And I didn’t kill anyone (botulism blows.) Friends and family enjoyed my peach jam, blueberry preserves, crabapple jelly and orange marmalade.

I tapped into my inner marmalady.3. Interviewed both Gran’s about “yee olden days” and learned lots about my family and how they used to do things (like sailing around stealing things from people in the old world.) Me and Bertha Burnham sharing a little Christmas piracy.4. I dove into an idea head first. From casual couch conversation to a nearly complete non-fiction book proposal, the Hip Girl’s Guide to Homemaking is hurtling itself into this world.

5. I got engaged.

Yes, I’m flashy, but that ring’s even over the top for me, just a fun photo op. Not the real-deal ring, we’re planning to make one using stones from our grandmas’ rings.

How was your year? What did you do that makes you proud?