Holiday Giveaway Series 2012: Tea timing & Ball Canning jar challenge

Giveaway week two is tea fabulous.

When Vestiges, Inc contacted me asking if a reader might like a free state towel I said yes on your behalf. These tea towels are pretty sweet. I’m a sucker for all things state-centric (except for the management—or mis-management—of civil rights, that is…) seeing how I’ve lived in so many of them growing up. 

Check out all the states here

I’m so excited about being able to offer up one of my staple entertaining tools. I adore my Takeya pitcher set and thought this would be the most perfect holiday prize for anyone who might want to incorporate more tea or more visitors into their lives. You can use the flash chill set as intended (brew concentrated hot tea in the small pitcher and pour it over ice in the larger pitcher) or just have two fabulously useful pitchers in rotation in your house. There’s not a party or event I attend without one of the Takeya pitchers. Here are some details about the pitchers:

  • Airtight twist top lid
  • BPA free & food safe
  • Stain, cloud & odor proof
  • Brews loose leaf, teabags or flowering teas
  • Includes: 24oz tea maker with rotating infuser & 66oz chilling pitcher

Holiday sipping ideas: 

  • I love bringing hot, mulled cider to winter parties, and these pitchers are both hot/cold friendly and airtight (good for schlepping and not ending up with mulled ooze all over you or your back seat). 
  • I also like to add an 8-oz jar of tangerine syrup or any other homemade syrup (even sweet pickle brine—like peaches, beets, or pears) to a quart of club soda for a fizzy, non-alcoholic bev that’s always a hit. Add vodka and it’ll be even more of a hit. (This recipe has other ideas for how to use syrups.)
  • Cold-brewed tea, couldn’t be easier! A basic formula and infusing ideas in this post

Oh, and remember how I’m giving away 5 cases of jars leading up to the holidays, well here’s the second case in that Ball Canning jar challenge. Perhaps you need a flat of 8-oz jelly jars for your tea-riffic (couldn’t help myself) holiday gathering (mason jars make great party cups!)? Or for making a batch of tangerine syrup? 

The giveaway is now closed, thanks for entering! Congrats to Torrie from Georgia!