This Thanksgiving I’m bringing to the table my version of tradition. 

The all-scratch green bean casserole my dad and I worked up a few years after I went gluten-free. I couldn’t remember if it was cream of onion or cream of mushroom soup, so improvised the mushroom soup recipe and incorporated both. I also used fresh green beans this year because I couldn’t bring myself to buy factory canned beans. Compromise. And you know all about the crispy onions already.

The persimmon pudding I will now make every year thanks to a swapper and good friend of Indy Food Swappers. I hope to share that recipe, gluten-free and -full, soon!

The cranberry sauce I love, complete with ridges and slice-ability, but better. Home ‘canned’ sauce a la Food in Jars, all organic, BPA-liner free and sans high-fructose corn syrup. Win!

Whether your handiwork involves wrangling extended family members into a seated position, battling the set square footage of your oven or even a rack of shining dishes post-meal, I hope you get some time to take in the reason we do all this stuff (giving thanks). 

How is/was your turkey day?