Getting pickle-y with it

Over the weekend I taught another of my intensive fermentation workshops where six (previously) strangers came together in my home and left bonded by a new love for and empowerment surrounding lactic acid bacteria.

The hands-on (or hands-in, I should say) portion of the class is always my favorite. I love seeing people gather around food, bouncing flavor ideas off each other, and communally working with our hands. Here participants are making a mixed vegetable ferment composed of shredded cabbage, carrots and beets.

I’m teaching this class every month or two in Austin (with a break from March-May) and have taught iterations of this class across the country over the past few years. I’ll be in the northeast (PA, NY, NJ) the last couple weeks of April and would love to teach this to any interested groups. Please visit my speaking page for contact info and other workshop ideas.