Spring in Austin + quick writing challenge

Spring finds me quiet again. I’ve been hot on the task of completing my kitchen book manuscript. Originally due last December, I got a reprieve. I’ve procrastiKated my fair share and, to my credit, also managed to fit into my schedule an added 20 hours of consistently paying work (hallelujah!) at the county extension office. 

My deadline is March 22 and I’m back on my daily word count challenge (600/day, rain or shine), please join me in sharing your progress, no matter how small, toward your writing goals. Email me when you have any sort of update through March 22 and I’ll periodically post here a photo of something beautiful and a list of our collective writing progress. I don’t know about you, but I need all the inspiration and encouragement I can get!

To get us started, I’ve charted the past few weeks on instagram. This city does spring well…

Peach trees in bloom

Austin native plant, Esperanza (yellow bells)

Texas mountain laurel, aka grape soda pop flowers


Texas native plant, Agarita in flower, berries and jellies to come!

I’m stalking the mulberry tree, just beginning to leaf

The loquats are coming in

And in some spots around town, the loquats are already ripe and tasty!

And, let’s not forget the bluebonnets!

Happy writing (or happy poking around in your local spring), y’all!