Hiding droplight cords

Our guest room decor is in constant flux. This week we house two different SXSW visitors via AirBnb and each pre-guest sprucing gave me the chance to move the room around a bit.

Likely since we don’t spend much time in there (observing & thinking), I can’t seem to nail (pardon the pun) the wall hangings and lighting fixture set up. I think the furniture is in its optimal resting place, but the small structures and accents continue to challenge me. (I’ll note that I’m working with items we already have, too. No budget for acquiring new items or fixtures.) 

I’ve moved this droplight mason jar lamp several times and this is the only time it’s in an actually useful location. Unfortunately, in terms of aesthetics the cord was a bit obtuse. I could’ve constructed some sort of wall shelf to hook the light under (sort of how it’s affixed to the wall from a curtain rod hook in the link above), but that was a bit more labor intensive than I was shooting for, especially since I’m not convinced this is it’s final home anyway. 

Alas, call in the ribbon. I affixed ribbon (a post-wedding souvenir from a friend) to the cord starting at the screwhook on the ceiling and wrapped the cord completely. Clearly there’s still a cord there, but at least you’re not focusing your attention directly at it. Also, why spend time analyzing my ribbon-covered cord when there are sweet pea flowers on the bedside table to be smelling?

A fine example of my book’s main budget decor tactic: distract and delight.