We'll miss you Shirley

With heavy heart I share the sad news of our Grassroots Grandma Marketing Squad leader, Shirley’s passing.

Shirley’s bright spirit and vibrant enthusiasm was contagious and the world needs more like her. As I age, I hope to be just like her, full of spunk and mischief.

Perhaps the best part of knowing Grandma Shirley was receiving emails dotted with poems (she wrote herself), color-coded words of encouragement and exclamation at life in general.

Shirley was the ultimate hip girl and a huge supporter of my mission to inspire men and women into learning how to do more for themselves. Here are a few examples of the things she shared with HGGH readers, her tomato plants on wheels, her poetic marketing pitch, or see the ‘real Shirley’ (according to Shirley, referring to wearing her ball cap) when I did my Cincinnati events.

We’ll miss you on this shore Grandma Shirley; I know you’ll keep on kicking ass (and sending emails and brightening days) wherever you end up. We’ll keep on kicking ass in our own ways and try to live up to the example of the bright light you’ve set.