Watermelon & pickle salad

Looking for something simple to bring to a Labor Day party? Try this fermented cucumber pickle and watermelon salad. It’s refreshing and crisp, a perfect addition to a BBQ or potluck array. Both cucumber and watermelon have a cooling effect on the body according to Chinese medicine, so this is a perfect summer snack that balances consumption of warming foods (everything else at the BBQ!).

Watermelon & Fermented Pickle Salad


  • Lacto-fermented cucumbers, like these you make or these you buy
  • Watermelon (save the rind from organic melons and make these)
  • drizzle of olive oil
  • fresh cracked pepper
  • torn basil or any other herbs that sound good (optional)


Cut pickles and watermelon into complementary-sized pieces and toss together with all remaining ingredients. Enjoy!