Kimchi Bloody Marys

Well the SXSW festival came to a close yesterday here in Austin and the world marches forward with St. Paddy’s Day (I learned that saying St. ‘Patty’s’ day would mean we honor St. Patricia’s Day, thanks to a bit of Irish education from Kaela) celebrations today. This post seemed ideal for folks not into the green beverages for today’s celebration, or for anyone who wants a bit of homemade drunk brunch plus probiotic action.

We finished off the last of the kimchi I made in February (recipe is in the new book!) and the remaining juice in the jar was too good to compost or drain. Hence bloody Marys (vodka)/Marias (tequila) happened.

Kimchi Bloody Mary Formula

1 part vodka (or tequila for a Bloody Maria)

1 part kimchi juice

2 parts your favorite tomato juice

1. Salt rims if desired. (I salted ours with my Meyer lemon salt—not the bath salts, but I made another batch with kosher salt.). Add ice to cups.

2. Use the above formula using whatever measures will fill your glasses. No need to measure, just divide your glass by 4 and pour straight into the glass. If the ice is distracting, then add that last (just be sure to leave room for it).

3. Stir to combine, garnish with lemon, lime, celery and/or whatever pickled goodies you have on hand and sip!